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    MegaExams is the exam management platform for both digital and paper exams. Our cloud platform enables educational institutions to conduct exams, get analysis and suggest areas to work on to improve learning outcomes.

    We're changing the way students are evaluted. Through MegaExams, we help more than 30,000 students answer over 10 million questions each month.

    A lot has changed in the world with the advent of the internet. However, a large portion of education has been left untouched. The evaluation methods that we use is still where it was in 1960s.

    At MegaExams, we believe assessments are as important as learning. The easiest way to grade how well someone knows a subject is to ask them questions about it. We empower teachers by providing them with technology to help them conduct and evaluate authentic assessments, quickly.

    Our Values

    1. Solve root problems.

    Understand the why. We do things because they make sense, not because “that’s how it’s done.” Success and impact depend on us solving problems at their core. Challenge conventional wisdom and rethink solutions.

    2. Build with empathy.

    We do great work by understanding the success of our customers and developers, end users of their products, and each other. The most competitive products are accessible, inclusive, and avoid bias.

    3. Be respectful and humble.

    To everyone — always.

    Looking for bright minds

    People at MegaExams come together with a shared purpose. Like with all other thriving startups, we face a lot of issues day in, day out.

    If you feel you have what it takes to work in a challenging, thriving atmosphere and have the right attitude for it, we need you. We have respectable work hours, and our team members have a personal life too. While skills matter, we're more curious about how you fit into our culture. In return for your dedication what we offer is a fertile ground for you to thrive professionaly.

    If you're passionate about programming and think you can atleast make a dent in the universe, head over to our careers page.