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9 Benefits of using Online Exam Software


Mit Kotecha


April 21, 2020
Online exam software benefits

In today’s digital world, those who don’t use technology fall behind in the race. The Education Sector is using technological assistance to help cope with its many loads. Online Exam Software is the future of training, coaching and testing. Let’s check out 9 big ways in which it makes testing smart, swift, secure, and superhuman! 

1. Test at your wish – Wherever & Whenever

Online Exam Software lets you enjoy the luxury of testing anytime and anywhere. It has no limits. Coaching Institutes have to maintain fixed test timings and expect all their students to stick to them. It is very difficult for everyone to all come together and gather at a place at a fixed given time, week after week. Coaching Institutes need to gather resources, sacrifice other tasks and priorities, and totally dedicate their staff towards conducting the tests. After completion of the test, the burden of evaluation, analysis, and information/notification also falls on the shoulders of the institute staff. 

With Online Exam Software, you can test at any hour of the day, and at any place. Moreover, you need not worry about your Internet connection being weak. If your connection fluctuates and temporarily goes out, modern software enables test-takers to continue answering the test even if the internet goes off, and once the connection resumes, the progress (in time and in answers) is automatically updated online. This offers a smooth, worry-free experience to the candidate and the supervisor. 

You can also schedule tests that repeat with a fixed frequency – daily, weekly or monthly. This automation enables institute-owners to rid their mind of tension, clutter and bother of schedules and preparations.

2. Test as you Wish – Adjust and Customise

Set the test(s) as you wish. With online test generator software you can adjust every aspect and parameter of the test – time limit, total marks, question type, nature of the test, mode of administration, difficulty level, and so on. 

With the user-friendly interface, each of the details of a test can be set with a single click. This multi-optional customization is almost impossible to attain in real life – where time, human judgment and subjectivity are very crucial things to consider.

With Online Exam Software, you can administer the test fully virtually, however, it also gives you an option to print the question set, distribute it as question papers and conduct the test manually. In order to save manual work, you can also print out a custom-designed OMR sheet, and after the testing, you can feed all the filled sheets back into the system in order to evaluate them automatically. In both the cases, detailed results get generated instantly along with analytical insights, and compare stats and plots. This detailed e-report can then be directly sent to the students and their parents, saving the hassle of manually updating the results in a spreadsheet, then compiling and printing them on rank-sheets put up in the institute.

As a teacher you can choose to notify the parents or concerned faculty of the results automatically via mail and/or SMS to their contact numbers. This keeps the parents/guardians/teachers tuned in to the progress of the students and this monitoring and information enables them to lend timely support to complete their preparation.

3. Personalized Testing

Online Exam Software identifies and adapts to the needs of the student. With each test, the candidate’s performance is recorded and input into the system, which uses this data to list the Strong and Weak Areas of the candidate. After that, it offers the option to automatically build future tests to specifically target these weaknesses. This approach when done quickly one after the other gives the student the ability to remove all their weaknesses, one by one. 

4. High-Quality Questions and Detailed Solutions

Best Online Exam Software contains expert-curated question banks. The range and diversity of the questions are comprehensive. The question databases are constantly updated in a bid to ensure that they conform to the latest exam pattern. In order to stick to this resolution, they are kept up-to-date by leading subject experts, top-class professional faculty, and educators. 

Framing questions is a major hard work for the institute’s teachers. They need to select quality questions for various sets and introduce significant variations. They also need to ensure that all topics are covered and ensure that each chapter gets its fair share. All of these tasks can be performed quite swiftly with the help of an online exam software containing a rich question database.

Online Exam Software gives student performance the top priority and hence a lot of care is taken to pick just the right questions intended for testing purposes. These questions are well organized under various chapter and topic headers, providing ease of access, selection, and mixing. 

5. Detailed Result-Stats

Each student gets his/her personalized performance report, breaking down the performance in great detail. Online Exam Software gives a careful, high-resolution analysis of each test performance, visualized through insightful charts, graphs, and plots which offer valuable insight into one’s abilities and preparation.

Discussions following the test are very important to the student – an integral part of the progressive, gradual, step-by-step learning process. Detailed solutions and individual pointers go a long way in correcting mistakes and filling gaps, and building self-confidence. 

Online Exam Software also allows the candidate to compare his/her performance with that of other candidates. The student can compare each test performance with students from the batch, or even all over the country. This nationwide rank, score, and section-wise performance comparison, really puts all the abilities and preparation into perspective.

The result analysis report details individual proficiency stats for every individual part and aspect of the test.

6. All in one – No Paperwork, No manual job

Online Exam Software saves institute owners’ need to maintain multiple personnel for executing paperwork, looking after and carrying out conduction of pen and paper-based exams, processing OMR sheets, evaluating performance (which never happens due to lack of time), and displaying the results. Online Exam Software is built as an all in one solution for all pre-exam and post-exam jobs as Question preparation, OMR Response-sheet (Answer-sheet) preparation, Answer-sheet evaluation, results, and analysis, etc. The absence of need for paperwork translates to lower net staff-hours consumed and diminishes the margin of errors to near zero.

7. User-Friendly – Zero Tech Know-How needed

You need no training, technical knowledge or experience to use an online test software. It takes very little time to get familiar with it. There is minimal instruction required to get full clarity and accessibility.

You can get it up and running in mere hours, and get used to, in a couple days. The graphic user interface is quite simple, organized, and intuitive – just as a social media app like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

8. Low Cost and Convenient

Once the online test software is installed you’ll incur minimal expenses and no extra charges. Maintenance costs and running/administration costs are near nil. 

Institutes often have to deal with multiple, large batches. With Online Exam Software you can handle them all together, with ease. It saves all kinds of expenses. A software needs no rest. It can work day in and day out without fail or faults. It can work at any time of the day. 

On an average, it performs the work of no less than 15 staff, saves bundles of paper, glue, and ink daily, and gives the student a feeling of personalized attention and intimate educational experience tailor-made for them. This engagement and association is mutually valuable.

It is just not feasible through manual tests to give personalized care to every individual candidate, despite the best intentions of the teachers being such. If you are setting and checking the question paper by yourself or your staff, and there are hundreds of students enrolled at your institution, reviewing each and everyone’s test performance for each test is plainly unthinkable. But the simple yet smart algorithms of the Online Exam Software can process all this information in a jiffy.

9. The Future is Cyber

Every aspect of our life, every activity in the public or private sphere is increasingly being automated and digitized – from ticket booking to government record-keeping, and purchase and sales of goods and services to tutoring.

Online Exam Software readies students for computer-based testing which is increasingly the norm in developed and developing countries. Computer screens save students from distraction, disturbance, and bother and the question jumbling feature prevents wrong practices. Online Exam Software has active measures to resist any sort of tampering and is free from any scope of manipulation.

Besides, institute owners can also go the conventional OMR way and prints a Question Paper and OMR Sheet, and process it after the test.

Online Testing also makes coaching Institutes eco-friendly, a need of the hour, and add to their public image and business perception. 

So, what are you waiting for? Enhance every aspect of your coaching – business, expense, convenience, technicality, and consumer-satisfaction with Online Exam Software. Make your coaching sleek, smooth, cost-efficient, and streamlined – Explore our various exam-specific Software suites here.