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7 tips to start JEE preparation at home


Mit Kotecha


June 14, 2020
Online lectures and mock tests for exam preparation

With the JEE Main 2020 exam approaching soon, aspirants have buckled up to attempt one of the toughest entrance exams in India. The exam which is now scheduled to take place from July 18 to July 23 will be attempted by more than 12 lakh candidates from across the country. While the JEE preparation for many students suffered a back-log due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, students are now resorting to JEE preparation at home. In a bid to get admission into the prestigious IITs, NITs, IIITs, and many other coveted engineering institutions, students have ramped up their JEE preparations. While many are relying solely on coaching classes, many others have resorted to self-studying. And almost all students have a few tips up their sleeves to give them an edge.

If you are a student who is just starting preparation and wondering about how to start, here are 7 tips to start JEE preparation at home. These tips will come in handy for your journey from an ordinary IIT aspirant to a qualifying achiever. Moreover, these are not just tips for JEE Mains, but also are tips to crack JEE Advanced which is forthcoming.

Know your syllabus

Before you think about how to start JEE preparation at home, go through the required study material and make sure that you are well-versed with the syllabus. Familiarising yourself with the syllabus is important as you will get to know what waters you’re treading in.

List down important topics

When you’re going through the syllabus, you will get the opportunity to go through all topics. Take this opportunity to make a list of all important topics to be studied as a part of your JEE preparation. You can weed out the unimportant topics based on previous years’ exam patterns. There is no need to unnecessarily study everything on the course list just because it’s there. This list of important topics will help you make your studies more streamlined.

Expand your study material with additional books

While it’s apt to study NCERT books as the foundation of your JEE preparation, they will not be enough to pull you through the IIT gates. You will have to refer to additional books for extra studying. These books will have questions that can give you make-or-break scores. Apart from the Mathematics books by NCERT for classes XI and XII, you can refer to books like Co-ordinate Geometry by S.L. Loney and Higher Algebra by Hall & Knight. Geometry and Algebra are two of the most asked questions in JEE Mains. You must refer to H.C. Verma’s Concepts of Physics and Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd for Physics and Higher Chemistry respectively.

Switch to online lectures and video-based learning

It is a proven fact that human visual retention is relatively higher. Aspirants stuck in lockdown at home, thinking about how to prepare for JEE at home must opt for online classes. Online lectures are not only highly accessible but also explain even the most complex theories easily. The benefits of video-based learning are plenty; students will remember theorems and compound problems much easily with video lectures.

Take frequent mock tests for practice

Studying throughout your preparation journey may not prove enough if you’re not testing it out. Taking frequent mock tests can benefit you the most. Mock tests are the best way to assess yourself and determine where you are lacking in your preparation. Many online exam software like MegeExams let you take online mock tests for free, giving you a detailed analysis of your performance in the test. MegaExams lets students take unlimited JEE Mains practice tests, thanks to their exhaustive question bank. Mock tests can also help you devise a strategy as to how to tackle the exam on the final day. Make sure you take at least one mock test in a week. When you’re down with your preparation, you can increase the frequency and take 3 or more tests in a week and work on your weaknesses simultaneously.

Personalised Learning Assistance using Online Exam Software has become a great option for students who plan to prepare at home.

Revising regularly is the key to JEE preparation at home

While studying to crack the JEE Mains, it is also important that you keep revising the topics that you’re done with. Sure, you gained confidence with a certain topic but remember- you’re going to cover a lot of syllabi, you can lose touch with a certain topic or forget an important theory. To make sure this doesn’t happen- revise, revise, and revise again. To test it out, take weekly revision tests, going through all that you did in one week. This kind of a regular revision cycle will keep you on top of your JEE preparations.

Have a positive attitude

Having a positive outlook throughout your JEE prep journey is important. Hence, try to always think about the positive outcome of things. When you come across a slump, never think that you can’t do it. Constantly tell yourself that you are carved out for this and you’ll achieve it. Positive thinking will not only help you in your preparation but will also boost your dopamine and serotonin levels, making you feel good about yourself. Remember- a happy mind is a healthy mind.

Smart preparation is the key to successful preparation. MegaExams allows students to take free practice tests to help them hone their skills and sharpen their minds. 

MegaExams wishes all JEE Mains aspirants good luck!