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7 must-have features of online exam software


Mit Kotecha


June 14, 2020
Online Teaching & Online Assessment

The internet has brought a revolution to the education sector and has made students’ lives easy. With conventional studying methods taking a back-seat, students are now resorting to studying on their computers; a method which is economical, easy, and highly accessible. Amid this turn of events, online exams are in fact, a boon for teachers. One of the best features of online exam software is its ease of use. You can schedule a test whenever you want; you are no longer dependent on students assembling into a classroom and then taking a test. Teachers don’t have to rely on answers written on endless sheets of paper to assess their students. Rather, teachers can just select an exam from a set of pre-loaded exams or create their own exams- all on a computer/tab. The arrival of online exam software has reduced the stress of conducting exams from teachers’ shoulders.

However, teachers need to vary at this juncture when selecting the right online exam software. While there is a range of online exam software available, you need to choose just the right one. We help you do so with these features to look for in online exam software when thinking about going online for your testing needs.

A quick registration, easy to use

Choose a software with a fairly simple user interface and an easy-to-use aspect to it. If an online exam portal seems complex or makes it difficult for you to navigate through, it might not be your best bet. Go for a software which allows you free movement and lets you do your job in the easiest manner, saving a good chunk of your time. Creating exams should not take you more than a few seconds. Additionally, no one likes multitudes of registration levels while logging in. Select software that allows quick and easy registration does not take up a lot of time and does not ask you to fill in unnecessary details.

Expansive question bank

As a teacher, a vast and exhaustive question bank will be one of the must-have characteristics of the online exam platform you choose. Let the software do the major work for you with its extensive question pool that seems almost never-ending. An ideal online exam software should have a question bank with pre-loaded exams that you can pop anytime you want to schedule a test. Also, the right online exam software will let you customize any test that you want, all in a matter of minutes. The ability to mix-and-match questions should be what teachers should be looking for in an online exam software.

Time management

Depending on the type of exam you are setting up for your students, the correct online examination system should allow you to alter the set time for the test. Teachers shall also decide if they want to waive-off the time limitation and make it a time-free test. This feature for all these customizations in an online exam makes the software the right option to go for.

Random question order

Your choice of an online exam software should not only create an exam for you but also let you randomize the order of questions in that exam. The sequence of the questions in the exam will be altered. This way, you can create multiple sets of the same exam, ensuring that no cheating takes place in the exam. Cheating is one of the biggest troubles for teachers that come in tandem with pen-paper tests. This feature of online exams helps curb the use of unfair means.

Immediate result processing

One of the best features of an online exam software has to be the immediate result processing. When students take an online exam, the results are processed in real-time so you can immediately look at the result to finalize the assessment. The software does the entire job-from checking answers, to scoring and grading. Teachers get the result of the exam in a matter of a single click. What’s more, you can even schedule the result for one particular time so you can take a look at the scores of all your students in one go.

Detailed analysis of the result

Once the result has been processed, the software also gives teachers a detailed analysis of the result of the student. This way, teachers get to know about the strengths and weaknesses of their students and can better decide on what aspect needs more improvement and thus, more focus.

Practice tests for students

To make practice a habit for students, many online exam software like MegaExams have the added feature of practice tests. Another finest feature of the software, practice tests benefit the students with unlimited practice attempts. All these and many more exclusive features are offered by MegaExams, a leading online exam software that enables teachers with the best features of online exams for free! Teachers can customize online exams and play around with scheduling, questions, time and the result saving hours. And if you’re really crunched out on time, you can simply choose one of the pre-loaded exams in tandem with your students and you’re good to go.