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5 reasons why Online Exam Software make exams addictive for students


Prasanth Parameswaran


May 5, 2020
Attending online exam

The adage of ‘practice makes a man perfect’ is an unspoken truth that can be applied to all facets of life. The same goes for students: the secret to succeeding in exams lies in relentless practice. Once a teacher has succeeded in making exams an addictive practice, there is nothing stopping the students.

All you need to do as a teacher is to understand how to make use of an online exam system.

This is where a teacher has a dual role in a student’s life. In addition to fundamentals, theories, and concepts; a teacher also needs to think about how to make test preparation fun. A teacher needs to equip their students with all that is needed to successfully take a test and come out with flying colors.

It is here that online exams come in. Teachers can give their students all the study tips for exams they want, but making sure that the student has assimilated everything and is ready to take the test is a different thing altogether. Online exam software can help educators here.

Educators of all streams and subjects need to make test-taking an addictive and voluntary exercise for the students.

Here’s how:

Design challenging tests for your students

The finest thing about online exam software is the expansive question bank available to teachers. They even have the advantage of twisting and tweaking pre-loaded questions. If you want to take a step further as a teacher, you can create custom questions or custom exams for one or all of your students. Thus online test generator software allows the teachers to play around with questions, make them trickier or simpler. Using the technology and ready-to-use question bank with solutions, teachers can design innovative and challenging tests for their students which can make students excited about solving the test and figuring out the solutions. 

Immediate result processing

The biggest advantage of taking an online test is the immediate result processing. As soon as the student is done with the test and submits it, you get the result; within a click of a button. There is no need to go through endless sheets of paper to assess the student’s knowledge. Immediate results will allow the teacher to understand the shortcomings of every individual student. On-the-spot results and granular analysis also ensure that the curiosity to know the solution and thrill to know the outcome is alive in the student’s mind. This helps students to quickly understand their mistakes while they are still fresh in their memories and incorporate the feedback in their learnings.

Self-assessment for the student

An online test configured by an online exam software is the quickest way for a student to assess themselves. The student can analyze the parameters of the test result themselves and understand how to get better at test-taking. The student can see their weaknesses for themselves and work on their weakest concepts. After the student thinks they’ve improved their weak concepts, online exam software provides the students with a unique tool using which they can create their own test for any topic/subject. The tool allows students to make unlimited tests for themselves. Instead of taking a complete mock test,  students can just create a customized test for a particular topic to assess their progress.

Confidence booster for the student

Online exams are not only a self-assessment tool; they also boost a student’s confidence. If the result of the online exam is as what the student expected, the entire concept of fearing exams becomes redundant. Acing exams gives a thrill to the students which can act as a confidence booster. This boost of confidence and rush of adrenaline will make your students like taking tests and focus on strengthening test-taking skills. Since an online exam can be customized by both teachers and students, emphasis can be given on a choice of subject or topic.

Students can indulge in healthy competition with peers

Another exciting aspect of online exam software is the part where the students can compare their results with any other student from across the country. They can choose to compete with their peers or thousands of other students from different parts of the country. Healthy competition out of this will encourage students to work on their fundamentals and take the test again and compare it further. This not only makes students work harder till they beat the competition, but it also makes them addicted to taking online tests until they succeed.

If the teachers focus more on how to make studies more interesting, interactive, and informative, the students will be more receptive to the teacher, subjects, and education in general. Online exams are a great way to make studying more interesting with different types of tests. You can get your students a specific test in almost no time. Teachers no longer have to make a pen-and-paper questionnaire. Just leave it to an online exam software to do it for you, and you can utilize the time saved to teach your students more efficiently. Additionally, not taking a conventional paper-pen is another interesting facet to online exam software that many students find fascinating.