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4 Smart Online and Offline Exam Software Features


Prasanth Parameswaran


June 18, 2020
Smart Online and Offline Exam Software Features

Innovation in technology is continuously re-inventing the world of education. From physical classrooms to online lessons; we have come a long way to improve the education students receive. The quality of education has grown, so has the media with which it is accessed. Millions of students in different corners of the world are accessing education via the internet in a society stricken with a pandemic. It’s not just classes that have shifted online, exams and assessment have also taken the online route. Teachers are conducting exams for hundreds of their students who may be spread across the country. Online exam software has made this feat possible to make sure that learning never stops.

Reliable online and offline exam software like MegaExams have the provision to conduct tests both online and offline.

Decoding offline exams

Online exams are tests which arranged on a website; the student can take this exam using online exam software, a web browser and an internet connection. The online test software automatically evaluates the answers in an online exam.

Now, if you’re wondering what is an offline examination, know that they bear a lot of similarities to online exams; but WITHOUT an internet connection. An offline test uses a local intranet server or via a LAN cable. Teachers can create question papers and download them on a local server, which can be accessed by the students. The results get automatically published on the website of the offline exam software. Exams conducted using this software are termed computer-based offline tests.

 The other variant of offline exams is the one where students mark their answers on an OMR answer sheet, which teachers can scan to reveal the correct answers and the score. These printable tests are advantageous over the computer-based offline test software as the scope for technical failure is minimal.

While both online and offline exams have their own pros and cons, we list out the top 4 smart software for both online and offline exams.


An easy quiz maker at best, GoConqr lets you put your learning to test by creating your own tests. Additionally, you can also access tests created by others on the same subject. These tests can then be printed to be attempted offline using a pen-and-paper format. Both the app and website of GoConqr act as an offline exam maker. GoConqr not only facilitates taking tests offline, but also lets students study on the app without being connected to the internet.

Help Teaching

Help Teaching is an excellent tool for school teachers and students. The website has an offline exam creating software which allows teachers to make both offline and online exams and worksheets. Help Teaching has a free tool which lets teachers make printable tests for Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies for students of different grades. The website also allows students to take online tests.

Using both these tools in conjunction, teachers can balance the number of online and offline exams a student takes to make them ready to attempt any test format.

Easy Test Maker

If you’re a teacher and you are thinking about how to make offline exam using software, you will find that Easy Test Maker stands true to its name. The website has options to choose from an online test or printing an exam to attempt it like a pen-and-paper test. You can also download the answer sheet for easy grading of the paper tests. The website also allows students to check their scores and even take a print of their results!


A game-changer in the industry, MegaExams is both an online and offline exam maker. MegaExams has one of the most accessible formats available on the web and lets you make online tests in a matter of minutes. An innovative feature on the website lets you convert the same test into a printable version to conduct an offline test.

Of course, you can schedule an online computer-based test any time you want; but offline exams give you an edge. MegaExams gives teachers the best of both the worlds with the offline test.

Furthermore, MegaExams has a plethora of pre-loaded questions that you can access! All you have to do is create a test using these questions, convert it to a Word document or a PDF document and print for a paper-based test. Students have to record their answers on an OMR sheet, which teachers can later scan for grading. The grading will be a painless process where teachers will not be required to do anything but scan the OMR sheets. The software will check and grade the answers automatically.

Education is not only shifting online but is also being reimagined in many different ways. Exams can now be conducted in so many mediums. Teachers are spoilt for choice with countless features of MegaExams which lets you create online and offline exams with no extra effort!