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15+ tools for online classes to help teachers


Mit Kotecha


June 14, 2020
Tools for online classes

With traditional teaching slowly taking a backseat and e-learning becoming the new norm, many teachers are trying to keep up with the trend. In addition to learning about how to conduct online classes, teachers are constantly improving teaching methods to make the transition to online classes smoother for their students. While many tools for online classes are readily available, thanks to technological advancement, we draw out a list of teachers’ most trusted tools and tips for online classes.

Tools for Live Classes and Screen Sharing

Trying to replicate the classroom environment is one of the best ways to conduct online classes successfully. Keeping in mind the need of the hour, these are few platforms that let you host live classes conveniently and cost-effectively:

Zoom is perhaps one of the best tools for online classes. This is because teachers can connect with up to 100 students in one session on Zoom. The free version of the app will let you hold a class for up to 40 minutes.

An app that lets you create unlimited online class sessions for free, Google Classrooms can accommodate numerous classes. So, teachers can make small groups of students and slot them in different classes for better teaching.

A webinar platform, in essence, Blackboard Collaborate lets teachers create a virtual classroom that lets you interact with your students both via video and text chatting.

Tools for Online Quizzing

Quizzing is a fun activity for assessment. These are the top tools you can use to create customized quizzes:

SurveyMonkey is a free online quiz maker that lets teachers test their students for an MCQ-format test. Marking students based on correct and wrong answers is very easy, and the app does all that for you in a jiffy.

Traditionally used as an online form app, Google Forms can also be easily used to customize a quiz for students. Teachers can use a cohesive Google Sheet to automatically record students’ answers, in a hassle-free way.

PlayBuzz has several pre-loaded templates. They range from a poll-type questionnaire to a countdown quiz to see how many questions a student can answer in a set duration.

Tools for Discussion-based Platforms

One of the most important tips for online classes is the ability for teachers and students to interact. A discussion-based virtual class will make sure that there is no barrier when it comes to learning. Teachers can refer the below list of apps that encourage discussions:

BackChannel Chat is one of the most engaging discussion platforms moderated by the teacher who is holding the discussion. An app like this helps increase the students’ participation in a topic being debated.

Turnitin is mostly known for its plagiarism checking feature. But it also has an online discussion tool that lets the contributing personnel be anonymous. When students are unnamed in a discussion, the chances of them being truthful are the highest. Teachers can also use this app to gain feedback for their online classes.

Tools for Instructional/Tutorial Videos

For a smooth online class, the biggest obstacle for teachers is clearing doubts and explaining tricky concepts. For this, teachers can record tutorial videos that contain a step-by-step guide of understanding the topic. Teachers can explore the below apps for this feature:

YouTube is the largest video streaming app using which anyone can stream a video. Anyone can access this video at any given point in time. YouTube has become one of the best tools for online classes due to this feature. Students can use Youtube to look up their teachers’ videos whenever they get stuck or need a doubt redressal.

This app is especially for streaming videos for educational institutions. Teachers can not only record their lecture videos but also share it with 500 users at one point in time. Apps like these come in handy when teachers are explaining complex theorems or some mathematical calculations.

With a simple interface, teachers can use Vimeo for high-quality videos. Vimeo lets teachers use the app to host live online classes and also record them and play it as a recorded online class.

Tools for Sharing Assignments

Assignments, homework, and exams are a crucial part of learning. When opting for online classes, teachers have to their disposal these file sharing tools for assignments:

You can create the assignment and simply share it with your students in one go using Dropbox. Teachers can customize a list of students and the assignment will go to all of them. Additionally, teachers can also specify a time limit for the submission.

In addition to sharing assignments, Microsoft’s OneDrive also gives storage space. Teachers can store assignments worth up to 5GB.

OneDrive lets teachers share assignments with students but also lets them track who is opening those files. This helps the teachers know who is completing their work and who is resorting to unfair means.

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